Our Privacy Mission Statement

Emu Analytics is a proud advocate of consumer rights and data privacy. We always aim to maintain transparency, trust and honesty in all aspects of our business. To support this we have created our own privacy statement that we ask all of our employees and contractors to uphold when engaging with customers and their data.

We are committed to always being transparent and respectful towards the owner of any data that we seek to collect.

Where we produce device applications to collect data, we will always be completely open to users of the device about the data we collect and what we wish to do with it. We aim to never collect any individual identifier, unless we have specifically told the user why we would like this information and they have agreed to allow us to obtain it.

In all of our analytics products, our insights are never about the individual, only the population as a whole, so always presented to our clients in an aggregate form.

Wherever feasible, we treat and manage individual data as anonymous entities, unless the individual has clearly offered their identify to us. We don’t create individual identity profiles and we never offer any individual data or insights to any organisation. We value this data hugely but we value the trust of the owners of this data even more.